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MostBet Affiliate Program

If own a website where most of the visitors are sport fans or casino lovers, you can optimize this quality traffic in a most profitable way by taking the benefits of the affiliate program one of the biggest African bookmakers provide – MostBet’s affiliate program we mean.

MostBet has more than 265 000 of customers from 93 countries in total and nearly 2 500 people have already entered the company’s affiliate program which offers monthly profits of more than 5 million of USD to the partners. These statistics are representative for the big opportunities the betting house’s affiliate program provides and in this article we are going to tell you more about the program, itself.

What are the conditions in joining the affiliate program?

They are quite simple – you need to attract customers via your website (or websites) and then, you will enjoy passive incomes from them. The income is 30% of each lost bet any of your attracted customers has. For instance, there is a user that has registered in the betting page through your website. This user has made a bet for 1 000 GHS and lost it. It means that 300 GHS from this bet will directly go to your affiliate account.

In other words you don’t have to do anything else except for placing the gambling operator’s banners in your website. These advertising materials are provided by the bookie.

This bookmaker’s affiliate program also distinguishes with its fast and regular payment of all the commissions (to be clear every 1st date of the month), as well as with the increasing per cent, the excellent customer support service and with providing statistics for each affiliate account thanks to which anyone can check out the activity of the attracted customers.

The gambling operator is flexible at a full value when it comes to the methods for paying the commissions. You can select any of these payments:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • WebMoney
  • Paxum
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • ePayments

How to join the affiliate program?

Enter in your browser this internet address: or simply enter the betting company’s page and click on the Affiliate program link which is placed at the bottom of the website. The link will lead you to the same internet address. In all cases you will see a button Registered that is located in several places of this page.

The registration form for the affiliate program includes only half a dozen of fields that need to be filled in: names, telephone number, skype name, e-mail address and a password – and the interesting thing here is that the company does not have the practice to approve the potential partners what is the case in many other bookies with affiliate programs. Here once you end your registration process you will be directly transferred to your newly opened affiliate program account and you can immediately place the banners in your page or in other words you can at once start attracting new customers and earn money from them.

All of the advertising materials can be found in the Promo category and in the home page of the affiliate program section there is full statistics as to the number of the clicks, the registrations that were completed, the registration frequency (in other words the correlation between the clicks and the registrations), deposits, deposit frequency, number of deposits, bets, commissions and etc.