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MostBet Bonus Offers for Ghana

MostBet is a unique sport betting page not only for the wide range of services and offers it has, but also for the fact that once you make your initial deposit here you can get additionally up to 1 000 GHS as a gift in your balance.

The terms and conditions, as well as the way to get to this bonus are about to be explained to you in this detailed article.

How to get the bonus and what is its amount?

Everything you have to do in order to get the bonus is to deposit funds in your account. There is no matter what payment method (they are six in total) you will choose to make the transfer (by the way, to check out these payment methods, visit our article called MostBet Deposit).

Once you deposit the bonus amount and the information about it can be followed from your profile that can be reached by clicking on your user name in the top right side of your screen.

So what is the bonus amount anyway? The amount of this bonus is not fixed like many bonuses are fixed as a certain per cent in various bookies these days. Here this per cent increases progressively with the deposit amount – in other words, the more funds you deposit, the bigger the bonus per cent becomes or as follows:

  • The minimum deposit amount you need to invest to get a bonus is 50 GHS. If you deposit less money, you will not get any bonus.
  • If you make a deposit between 50 and 149 GHS, you will get 50% bonus. In other words, if you invest 50 GHS as an initial deposit, you will receive 25 GHS as a bonus, so in the end you will have in your balance 75 GHS for playing as a start.
  • If you make a deposit between 150 and 499 GHS you will get 100% bonus. In other words, in case of 150 GHS as an initial deposit, you will get 150 GHS as a bonus and you will eventually have 300 GHS in total for playing as a start.
  • If your initial deposit is 500 GHS you will get 750 GHS as a bonus amount.
  • If you make a deposit for 750 GHS or more you will get the maximum bonus amount which is 1 000 GHS.

For your convenience, after filling in the Amount field during the depositing process, the system will automatically show you the bonus amount you will get, as well as the final starting amount of money for playing you will have at your disposal.

Here are some other things you need to know about getting this bonus:

  • You must take the bonus within 7 days after your registration.
  • The bonus is calculated only over your initial deposit. This is why think wise what would be your first deposit in the page.
  • You can expect the bonus to be transferred to your account within 72 hours after the deposit was made.

What should I do after receiving the bonus?

Once you see the bonus in your account, you need to execute one very important thing and it is to place 20 bets with the money from your deposit and at an odd of at least 1.50. The amount of each bet should be equal or bigger than the deposit amount.

You have 21 days at your disposal to execute this significant thing.

Once you do it you can withdrawal the money of your bonus.

Does MostBet offer other promotions?

Yes, for different big tournaments and championships (mostly in football section) the betting house organizes current and different promotions. For instance, for the last Championship League the bookie offered tickets for the final event, while for those punters, who placed bets on matches from Liga Europe it offered up to 2 500 USD as a prize.