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Mybet is an excellent place for sport betting. It has high odds and a wide range of events, but, yet are they enough to be confident that we are going to win on a regular basis? The short answer to this question is “No”. After all, if everyone wins, the bookmaker will go bung. The truth is that most of the punters don’t even win in a long-term period of time, but you can be out of this group of customers as long as you keep yourself close to some basic directions that will help you win from your bets in this German betting giant.

1. Take the benefits of the bonuses

Mybet has special offers for the customers. These promotions can guarantee you a win at least for a couple of matches. For example, the betting company offers 10 GHS in a form of risk-free bet to all of the new customers.

The good strategy to get as much as possible as a win from this promotion is place a bet with higher odd that can bring you higher profit. Yes, the bets with higher odds usually come with a bigger risk, but in this case this does not concern you as even if you lose this bet, the bookie will recoup your lost money. If place a bet at an amount of 10 GHS with 10.00 odd you will have the chance to win 100 GHS without risking anything at all.

This popular betting house also offers other bonuses, such as free bets on some of the biggest matches from European football world, as well as big bonuses regarding the World Football Championship and so on. All of these special offers can bring you additional extra profits thanks to which you can increase your account balance. Usually, the wise usage of the bonuses establishes the difference between a winning and a losing player.

2. Bet only on things you understand

In Mybet menu you will find a whole range of various sport games such a football, tennis, ice hockey, handball, baseball, boxing, cricket and more than 10 other sport types and the company includes in its program sport events from hundreds of different countries (some of them are even Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Latvia and many other not so popular among the ordinary sport fans). Sometimes, the bookmaker offers more than 1 000 matches in its program at the same time.

This whole abundance is really impressive and it provides freedom for the punters to choose what they like, but on the other side, it can be dangerous for those, who easily rush to place bets on things they do not understand. Many of the offers are often tempting, but every punter is supposed to limit to only those sports and leagues he or she has certain findings.

This same range of offers make is possible for everyone to have something to place a bet on. Regardless what sport disciplines you like and what championships you follow, in Lithium you can bet on them without risking your money with other matches.

3. Have statistics as to your bets

Everyone makes mistakes, but to correct them, at first he or she is supposed to realize these mistakes.

In sport betting having betting statistics is very important as it helps us to find out what bets and what sport types bring us success in a long-term period of time, as well as where we mostly lose. After finding out what your weak and strong points are, you can start focusing your money on those bets that are successful for you.

For instance, you love betting on football and tennis, but you figure it out that you win more often with football matches, so it could be a great idea for you to start betting only on football events.

Mybet makes our activity simpler regarding this as we can see in details each of the bet we made for the last couple of years. These details include date, match, the team or player we placed our bet on, the bet type, the odd, the amount of money we bet, as well as the profit we got, if the bet appeared to be a winning one.

All of this information is available in My bets category and the link to it can be found right next to the account balance amount.