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Guides for Cash out usage in 1xBet

Cashout is a very popular function among the European bookies and it can be found in almost all of the serious brands in the industry, although it isn’t that well-known among the bookies that are created and operate in Ghana.

Fortunately, the East-European bookmaker that works on our territory – 1xBet – has included such an option in its portfolio so it is our duty to meet you with this service that lets you close our bet when you wish to.

Before telling you about the usage of the Cash out option in this betting company, let us at first give you some information what this function is actually about as it is very likely for you to be unaware of it especially if you have never placed a bet in any foreign bookie up to now and especially if you have never placed an online bet till now.

When you use this option you actually sell your bet slip to the betting house. In other words, the operator provides you a certain amount of money and your bet becomes inactive and as a result of this the final outcome of the event in your bet slip does not concern you anymore.

The amount of the money you will be offered by the gambling operator depends fully at the progress of the bet up to the moment you decide to use the cash out option. Normally, if you have placed a bet for one certain team to win and it is a potential winner up to now with 2:0 and there are 10 minutes till the end of the event you will get a more serious amount of money in comparison to the situation when this same team is left behind in the score with 0:2 in the same moment. If you, on the other side, use the function before the event has even started (or the events), then you will get the same amount of money you have placed on your bet unless there is no significant change in the odds.

1xBet Cash out

To be able to try the cash out option in this Russian betting operator you need, to of course, at first place a bet.

If you have an active bet slip, you will find it in the right side of the page or in My bets section.

In this section you will find a button with the notice Sell the bet slip.

Once you click on the button you will see several options you can choose from.

One of these options is to close your entire bet and on the page you will see the amount of money the betting house is ready to give you in an exchange of your bet.

There is one more very interesting option here – to sell only a specific part of your bet slip and to leave the other one active.
We have to warn you that the Cash out possibility is not offered in all of the markets provided on this gambling platform. Yet, you can expect to get such a chance for most of the markets and sports listed in 1xBet.