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MostBet Registration (sign up)

MostBet – one of the leading Ghanaian sport betting and casino website – offers three ways for a registration. For each of these possibilities we are going to talk to you about in this article.

The three methods are the following:

  • Registration via phone
  • Registration via e-mail
  • Registration via social webs

Whatever method you prefer in order to get to the registration blank through it you need to at first press on the Register button. It is located on a quite visible place both – in the mobile and the desktop version – and you can find it in the top right side of your screen. Once you press on this button you will see a window popped-up through which you will be able to select the way you want to make your registration.

Registration via phone

The quickest method to register in this bookmaker is via a mobile phone. By using this alternative you will only have to enter your phone number, as well as the currency you will bet with (the only possible currency the punters from our country can gamble is GHS). The additional data such as names and e-mail address can be added after the registration. When you enter your mobile phone number, simply click on Register and you will get a message on the same number with some information about your newly registered account.

Registration via e-mail

The registration via e-mail is a bit longer, but if using this method you will not have to fill in a lot of information after the account is registered. This type of a registration includes filling in of 10 in total fields and they are all bound with your country, your region and city, e-mail address, mobile phone number, two names and a password.

When you fill in all of this information press on Register button and the system will automatically put you in the platform as an active player. In difference to many other gambling pages, MostBet does not require from you to confirm the registration through your e-mail.

The page you will be loaded when the registration is complete is the deposit page. We are not, though, going to talk about deposits now as we have described everything you need to know about them in our detailed article MostBet Deposit and Withdraw. We will only tell you now that once you register your account you are not obliged to immediately make a deposit, but you can leave the page and do it later. What is, though, good to do is to press on Personal Details where there are few more fields to be filled in. They are not on mandatory to be filled in the current moment, either, but sooner or later you will have to do this task. In all cases this is what you need to do before your first order for a withdrawal in the bookie. If you have registered via e-mail the only information you additionally need to fill in is your birth date, place of birth, current address and your ID number.

Registration via social webs

If you have an account in any of the social webs such as Facebook, Google+ or Tweeter you can register directly through it as the betting company will take the required information from your social web account to use in the platform. When you select any of the possible social web to register in the betting page, the software will send you to the page, itself, where you have to allow the company to receive the required information. For instance, if you are going to register via Facebook, you only need to allow access to your public profile and your e-mail address. Then, you can even enter your account by using your social web account without even to typing your e-mail address or a password to login in the gambling operator.