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Mybet is one of the bookmakers that allow you to earn money not only from your successful betting activity, but also by attracting new customers for the platform. It is possible through this gambling operator’s affiliate program we are going to tell you in details about in this article.

How to become a partner to Mybet?

To earn money from the newly attracted customers you need to have your own website where to advertise the betting house’s services. If you meet this condition, you can enter the page on this address, there to press on Sign-Up from the main menu and to fill in the form.

Mybet affiliate sign up

In difference to the bookie’s registration form which is extremely short and fast to be filled in (find out how to become a punter in this betting website from our article called Mybet Registration, those who wish to become partners need to fill in quite more detailed form that is divided into several stages:

  • Account information – Your names, address and others
  • Marketing information – Your website name, URL address and the category type of the page
  • Payment details – You fill in how you want to receive what you have earned from your affiliate activity – what currency your payments you want them to be in, what the payment method you select (as a matter of fact, the only option here is the bank wire transfer), as well as the information for your personal bank account
  • Login details – Fill in the data you want to enter your affiliate account – user name and password
  • How did you find out about us? – Select the right answer to this question from the options in the drop down menu, which are the following: Facebook, Google, online company, offline company and others.
  • Terms and conditions – Mark that you have read them and that you agree with them

Mybet affiliate registration


The participants in Mybet affiliate program can get themselves up to 50% of the net profits accumulated by the consumers who have registered in the platform through the banners. In other words, if the company has 10 000 GHS net profit from your affiliate, you can get up to 5 000 GHS.

  • The correct and exact % of your income depends mostly of the total amount of the net profits made of your affiliates:
  • Between €1 and €4,000 net profits from your affiliates – 30% share
  • Between €4,001 and €8,000 net profits from your affiliates – 35% share
  • Between €8,001 and €15,000 net profits from your affiliates – 40% share
  • Between €15,001 and €25,000 net profits from your affiliates – 45% share
  • €25,001 or more net profits from your affiliates – 50% share


The way this German betting platform offers their promotions to their customers, it also has a bonus for the affiliate partners.

Mybet affiliate promotions
According to the clauses of this special offer, during the first three months of your partnership you will have a guarantee for 50% share of the net profits your customers make. This is how you are going to get enough time to bring more affiliates in order to reach higher commission %.

Why is it profitable to work in a partnership with Mybet?

  • Because here is where the biggest commissions are offered
  • Because this is a reputable brand with a decade of background history
  • Because this is one of the bookies with the most regular payment of the commissions – every single month you will received the commissions you have gathered through the last 30 days as incomes.