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Betway Jackpot Prediction Tips

The most popular way to place a bet is quite clear to everyone – you bet with a certain amount of money and on a certain odd by multiplying the odd with the bet amount in order to get the expected profit amount. Of course, this betting method is available at Betway.

Betway jackpots

On the other side, though, this bookmaker has one more betting method you might be interested to meet. This is a method that is not available even in most of the top famous bookies today. We are talking about the jackpot games that are placed in the homonymous category in this betting page and that provide a completely new experience in comparison to the experience you get when placing ordinary bets.

These games are unique for the fact that they can get you millions of GHS with one very small bet. Naturally, in order to get the big jackpots you will need more luck, as well as more skills to put into force (or at least one of these requirements).

The principle behind these types of games – the jackpot games – is always quite the same and according to it you need to provide your personal predictions for randomly and in advance selected by the bookie matches. If you succeed in providing the correct predictions for all of the events you get the big prize, which, by the way, is also fixed in advance.

This gambling house offers three jackpot games in a row and now we are going to present you each of them in details. All of these jackpot games are arranged once per week and the bet slip closes for them in Saturday. The participation fee for the games is 4 GHS per game.

Betway deposit games The Colossus, CS Pick 6 and 1X2 Pick 15

The Colossus

This is the game with the biggest jackpot – 10 000 000 GHS. Correspondingly, this is the game where you need the biggest luck in your predictions of all the events and they are 7 in total as your task is not just guess what team the winner will become in each of the matches, but also to guess the correct scores.

Guessing fewer correct scores, though, also brings prizes, thanks to the compensation money fund that is between 2 000 GHS (if you guess 4 of the matches) and 10 000 GHS (if you predict correctly 6 of the events).

CS Pick 6

This is a very similar to the previous one game. The only two differences here are the following:

  • The events you need to predict correctly are 6 instead of 7
  • The big jackpot is 2 000 000 GHS and the compensation fund varies from 1 000 GHS for the punters with 3 successful predictions and 4 000 GHS for those, who predict 5 events correctly.

1X2 Pick 15

As the name supposes in this game the number of the matches you need to predict is 15 and the best part here is that you need to only guess who the winner in the match will be, but not the final correct score.

In this game, guessing the 15 matches will bring you 1 600 000 GHS as the big jackpot while those of you who have correct predictions in 11 to 15 matches can spread a compensation fund between 16 000 and 40 000 GHS.