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1xBet tips today – sport toto

The traditional games with sport betting or those in Toto style represent the next service from all those dozens of offers in this page. And these games are going to be in our focus in the article aiming to tell you more about the rules for each of them (they are 7 in total), as well as about the profits they can bring you.

Games and profits

The prediction game with digital sports, itself, usually ends up with the biggest jackpots – currently at this moment the jackpot in this game is more than 2 000 000 GHS! In the rest of the games the jackpots are around 100 000 GHS with the only exception of the game where your main purpose is to guess the correct scores in 7 football matches. In this game the jackpot is 700 000 GHS at the moment we are writing this review.

Game types

1xbet games Toto 15, Correct score, Football, Ice hockey

  • Toto 15 – This is a game that takes place every single day and includes 15 football events in total. For each of the events your task is to guess who the winner will be – the guest or the host – or if there will be a draw. The minimum bet amount is 3 GHS.
  • Correct score – In this game the matches are only 7, but yet, the task is harder as you need to guess their correct scores. 2 GHS is the amount you need to invest for a bet which, by the way, though, can bring you more than 700 000 GHS.
  • Football – A game that seems to be similar to Toto 16 with the only difference that Football game is organized only once per week and the matches here are not 15, but 14.
  • Ice hockey – In this game the customers are in a race to guess the correct scores in 5 matches from ice hockey world. Of course, the correct scores in ice hockey events are always tougher to be predicted in comparison to those in football matches, because ice hockey is a bit more of a result game type rather than the football, but when the right prediction for 5 of the games is available the price is also bigger – more than 120 000 000 GHS with a bet of only 2 GHS. This is why testing this game is definitely worth it.

1xbet games 1XToto, E-sports FIFA, Basketball

  • Basketball – The basketball game with predictions includes 9 matches in a row and for each of them the punters have to guess two things – the winner of a certain quarter or half of the playing time, as well as whether in this specific part of the event the total number of the scores will be smaller or bigger than a number which is provided in advance.
  • E-sports FIFA – It is no accident that this game is the one with the biggest jackpot amount. The rules are the same as the rules in Toto 15 game – the prediction is made on 1X2 market and for 15 events with 3 GHS bet amount, but the big difference is that here the football matches might be analysed and the prediction is more grounded, while in virtual matches you need to fully rely on your personal luck.
  • 1XToto – This is a daily game that is fully free of charge for the users and the prizes here are bonus points you can unlock different prizes and special promotions. The game includes 13 football events every day and the successful prediction of the final outcome in the 1X2 market for each of them will get you 10 000 bonus points while those who guess from 8 to 11 events will get a prize from 100 to 5 000 points.