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MostBet Tips – Prediction Game

In MostBet, besides betting with certain amount of money on specific odds, you can also participate in one special game with a prediction that is one of the most popular entertainment for the new players and that is specially arranged for the market in Ghana. One of the main reasons so many punters to like this game is the fact that everyone has a chance to become a millionaire by guessing the final outcome in a bit less than a dozen of matches.

In this article we are going to tell you everything necessary about the terms and conditions this prediction game comes with.

As a start, we are going to tell you where you can find this game. You need to at first, click on Toto in the website main menu.

At the top side of this page you will see the remaining time for acceptance of bets in the game, while under this information you will see the matches you need to predict. They are 15 in total and what you are required is to only guess their final outcome in 1X2 market, but nothing else (in difference to the prediction games many other bookies provide where the punters are supposed to guess something tougher – the correct scores in the events). All of the matches are from the football world, which is a big advantage to all of the football lovers.

At the right side of the page you are shown the collected jackpot amount at any particular moment. This jackpot is provided for the person who will guess all of the 15 final outcomes. Currently, at the moment we are writing this article, the jackpot is at an amount of 1,3 million of GHS! There are, though, also profits for the punters who have 9 or more successful predictions.

At the right side you will see the betting platform, too, as before placing your prediction bets you need to mark them. The minimum bet amount in this game is 5 GHS. You can increase it if you want to place one or two selections per match or per several matches (for instance, your prediction for a single event is not only X, but X2) in order to double your chance for success.
These are the main rules of this bookmaker’s prediction game. Here are a couple of more things you might be interested to learn about it:

  • If you don’t want to select what to bet on, yourself, you can take the benefits of the special options Random Choice or Most popular choice. They will automatically mark for you the symbol for each of the matches.
  • You have the right to place limitless number of bet slips.
  • There is no fixed amount you can win in certain number of correctly guessed matches. The only amount that is known in advance is the big jackpot amount which is given to the one who predicts rightly the all 15 events. The exact amounts of the money the rest of the punters who don’t predict them all, depends on the number of the placed bet slips, as well as on the number of the successful bet slips. The more bet slips are placed and the less they are successful, the bigger your final profit amount will be.